Ride Like A Legend

Five Passengers.  One Pilot.  Remote Flight.  First Class Amenities.  All Electric Function.  Hybrid Power.  Carbon Fiber Chassis.  Dual-Axial Rotors.  VTOL.  Ballistic Parachutes.  Autorotation.  Laser Guided Landing System.  WiFi.  Encrypted Flight Controls.  Lands and Floats On Water.

Ride Like A Legend.


Rush. Hour. Traffic. Why?  Why don't we have flying cars yet?  We are here to turn the page on conventional ground and air travel for every day commuting.   The SkyRider SuvA is the size of a luxury SUV; with all the comforts and convenience of flying first class, and none of the downsides of airports and ride sharing.  The flying car is an SUV Aircraft.  Pack your bags, log your flight plan, take off and Ride Like A Legend.



The gift of flight will be available to everyone.  The SkyRider SuvA will be massed produced in order to achieve this goal.


Our design is based on proven, existing, commercial technology.  The toy drone you take pics with on the weekend has grown up and evolved.  


Become a part of the next stage of personal transportation...be an equity partner or Investor.